“Turbanology: After 7/7” DVD


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Discover the importance of the turban to the Sikh faith, and how since 7/7 Sikhs in Britain have dealt with the misconceptions that they’re terrorists. Featuring interviews with Tigerstyle, Steve Pound MP and young Sikhs from the West Midlands.

The debut documentary from Jay Singh-Sohal explores how the turban has become an item of fear and misunderstanding.

Academics discovered that simply noticing someone had a turban increased the aggressive tendencies of westerners because of the connection that has arisen between it and the profile of terrorists who plotted the 9/11 attacks.

‘Turbanology’ aims to address this misconception by delving into what the turban represents for the people who wear them. It provides an insight into why Eastern traditions (including Sikhism and Islam) consider it an important symbol of spirituality. And why it’s an important part of community identity for British Sikhs.

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