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  1. Saragarhi Day media coverage

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    Lot’s of media coverage of Saragarhi Day 2017 and our film launch at the National Memorial Arboretum. Here’s a round up of outlets and media for you to share and enjoy:
    The Times – image picture above
    BBC News Channel – link to follow
    BBC Midlands Today –
    BBC East Midlands Today – link to follow
    BBC WM –
    BBC London –
    BBC Leicester – Ushma Rose story about Lt Col John Haughton, listen below

    BBC Asian Network Debate show with Dil Neiyyar
    BBC Asian Network Reports
    BBC Radio 4 – link to follow
    ITV News – image to follow
    BBC History When 21 Sikh soldiers stood against 10,000 men: the battle of Saragarhi
    Hindustan Times Deathless in death: Saragarhi bravehearts were limited by numbers, bullets:
    The Scroll (India) British documentary wants to ensure that the epic Battle of Saragarhi is not forgotten
    History of War magazine Saragarhi: The True Story shows how heroism can overcome nationalism
    Tribune (India) Saragarhi saga captured on film:
    Asian Image Anniversary of legendary heroism of 21 British Indian Army Sikh soldiers commemorated
  2. New Saragarhi film set to be released for 120th anniversary

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    Press Release: 

    New Saragarhi film set to be released for 120th anniversary

    Following more than seven years of research and production, a long-awaited factual film about the epic Indian frontier battle of Saragarhi is being released to mark its 120th anniversary.

    “Saragarhi: The True Story” narrates, for the first time on film, the fate of the 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th (Sikh) Regiment of Bengal Infantry who on 12th September 1897 found themselves surrounded by 10,000 enemy tribesmen during an uprising on the North West Frontier between colonial India and Afghanistan.

    The brave 21 fought to the last man despite the odds, in an engagement lasting nearly seven hours but with limited ammunition. The battle is a significant one within British frontier history as it came during the period known as the ‘Great Game’ with Russia, but in recent times it has largely been overlooked.

    Its impact was such that the British at the time created several memorials to it in Punjab, awarded a battle honour awarded to the 36th Sikh regiment that fought (now the 4 Sikh regiment in the Indian Army) and issued the Indian Order of Merit class III, the highest award of gallantry at that time given to native Indians on par with the Victoria Cross, to 56 men involved in the defence of all the Samana outposts.

    The documentary tells the story with unique access to private archives, never-before-seen images, stunning visual graphics effects and re-enactment scenes. Filming took place all over the UK, in India and Pakistan.

    For the first time groundbreaking footage was also gathered from the actual site of the ruins itself, which fall within the unruly tribal area of Pakistan. To highlight the dangers of doing so, on the day that filming took place on the Samana the Pakistan Army were combating Islamic State militants 40km north of the site in Rajgal.

    Speaking about his new film, journalist and filmmaker Jay Singh-Sohal said: “It’s been a long but fulfilling journey to research, film and promote for the first time the bravery of the 21 Sikhs at Saragarhi. It’s a personal endeavour; I’ve myself been inspired by it because it speaks to the shared history and values that make me proud to be both British and Sikh, and I know many others in my community feel the same.”

    “The Sikhs who fought for Britain on the frontier were rightly rewarded and honoured for their bravery and devotion to duty at that time, today we must continue to remember the sacrifices they and others made in such conflicts which might not be so well known but are vitally important. We must share it with others, celebrate our long and rich connection to our country, and motivate young people to learn from their historic lessons to take up such acts of public service.”

    The film will be screened on Tuesday 12th September 2017 at the official ‘Saragarhi Day’ commemoration hosted by Her Majesty’s Armed Forces which this year will be held at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The film will be broadcast on KTV (Sky channel 858) at 9.30pm on the same day.

    A special preview of the film will be held for select guests on Wednesday 6 September at a corporate venue in London Bridge. Contact us directly to register your interest in attending.

    For more information about Saragarhi:

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    Saragarhi book launch at RMAS 2013

    Watch commemoration day videos:

    Saragarhi Day 2015

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  3. Saragarhi at United Services Institute Delhi

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    Capt. J. Singh-Sohal delivered a guest lecture at the prestigious United Services Institute (USI) of India’s Centre for Armed Forces Historical Studies about the Battle of Saragarhi.

    The talk narrated the true story of the battle, as well as showcased for the first time moving footage of the modern site of the ruins itself in tribal Pakistan. The footage was gathered as part of research efforts during the production of the film “Saragarhi: The True Story”.

    The film, to be released to mark the 120th anniversary of the battle on 12th September 2017, tells the story of how 21 Sikhs fought to the last man against 10,000 enemy tribesmen to defend a small frontier outpost in 1897.

    After the presentation, Jay presented the United Services Institute with a special ‘Subedar’ bust.

    The footage of the presentation will be available via this website shortly.