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  1. BBC News …and an email from Philip

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    *** UPDATE: Watch the BBC report by clicking here ***

    On Monday 23rd the story of the thousands upon thousands of Sikhs who fought for Britain during WW1 was featured on BBC regional news – on Midlands Today.

    The “Sikhs At War” project was a key part of the special news report.  Earlier in the year we allowed the BBC to follow our work and film our forthcoming “Indians in the Trenches” film.

    In turn they did a fantastic job of highlighting our endeavours.  And they raised the question of what is being done to recognise and remember the contributions that these gallant warriors made to a foreign land they had never visited before.

    Since that broadcast I’ve been inundated with messages of thanks and support through email and social media.

    The messages all convey one message – thanks for raising awareness of this significant history.

    I wanted to share one such email with you – as it sums up nicely the high regard Sikhs continue to be held in and how we contribute to British society.

    Here is an email from Philip:

    “I would like to express my immense appreciation of the bravery and sacrifice that so many men of your faith made on our behalf in two world wars.

    “You stood side by side with us and many many other men of the Commonwealth to overcome a great evil.

    When I see the Sikh people, I behold a happy community, happy to be here and happy to be with us. I personally, am more than happy to have you here and wish that I could get to know you better.”

    [Above: images from the news report including Jay and Juggy filmmaking]

  2. FILM: Chattri Memorial in Brighton

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    Here’s a short film I put together about the Chattri Memorial in Brighton after my first visit there for the annual remembrance day event.

    For more information about the monument visit

  3. The Story Of Bhaga Singh of 38th Central India Horse

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    Dot Hyphen Productions presents “Indians in the Trenches” – a new film featuring the real life experiences of soldiers who fought in France and France.

    In this second trailer, Pavandeep Singh Sandhu narrates the story of Bhaga Singh of 38th Central India Horse through the letters he sent home to India in July 1917 describing what he saw.

    For more films visit

  4. Ardaas at Chattri Memorial Service in Brighton

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    It was a wonderful gloriously sunny day to trek fields the fields of the South Downs in Brighton for a memorial service at the Chattri Memorial yesterday (8th June).

    The memorial is where 53 Sikh and Hindu injured soldiers brought over to hospitals in Brighton during the First World War were cremated.

    The walk through fields on green is worth the pilgrimage to see this amazing monument which tells such a remarkable story.

    An Ardaas was said for those who served and died – before speeches by local dignitaries.

    This is a regular annual event, for more information visit